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Topographic datasets 

China Fault

IASI Near Real Time Website

Screenshot from IASI NRT webpage 7 December 2015

This page displays data from the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Instruments (IASI) on board ESA’s MetOp-A and MetOp-B satellite platforms as analysed for the presence of volcanic SO2 in the atmosphere, using methods developed by the Earth Observation Data Group at the University of Oxford.

The data are available in near real time, within ~ 3 hours of the measurement being made by the instrument.   Data from the previous 48 hours is also available, as is the past 2 months of data plus an archive of all the data from IASI’s lifetime (2007 to present).

COMET Volcano Deformation Database

Pico do Fogo. Credit: Nicole Richter
Pico do Fogo. Credit: Nicole Richter

This website provides archived information detailing past geodetic surveys, any deformation observations, and interpretations of significant results at volcanoes across the globe.

Sample quick-look Sentinel-1 interferograms are also available for target volcanoes across Latin America, providing easily accessible results for volcano observatory staff and other interested individuals.

Ongoing development will see the catalogue completed and updated quick-look interferograms for every volcano in the world.

Continuous GPS measurements from the Aegean 2002-2008

aegean map

This CEDA Dataset Collection Record contains continuous GPS measurements since 2002, made by COMET, from a number of stations across the Aegean to monitor tectonic movement across the Eastern Mediterranean.

These data are made available in the RINEX (Receiver-INdependent data EXchange) format, version 2.10 or more recent, with Hatanaka compaction and UNIX compression applied. They are available to all registered users under the UK Government Open Data licence. This is part of an ongoing collection published in yearly datasets. Updates will be provided to the archive as and when ready.

TRAIN – Toolbox for Reducing Atmospheric InSAR Noise


This provides a set of MATLAB tools that can be use to correct for tropospheric delays in InSAR data. Once set-up for one correction method, the toolbox allows for easy comparison with other methods, as all are formatted in the same way.

The toolbox is fully compatible, but not limited, to the Doris and StaMPS software. Initial debugging has been done for ROI_PAC and PI-rate processed data, but user feedback and reporting will allow for further development.

The toolbox includes correction methods, with a full descriptive manual on the input parameters, and tips/hints in case of problems.

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