Daily Virtual Talk and iPoster Schedule

Monday 7th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Author/Speaker
Poster 12:00 04:59 V002-0017 – Volatile metal emissions from volcanic degassing and lava-seawater interactions at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai’i Emily Mason
Poster 12:00 04:59 DI002-0012 – Automated slowness measurement and uncertainty estimation of multiple seismic arrivals using bootstrapping, cluster analysis and array methods Features Andy Nowacki
Tuesday 8th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Author/Speaker
Talk 00:20 00:24 V006-06 – Reconstructing Magma Storage Depths for the 2018 Kīlauean Eruption from Melt Inclusion CO2 Contents: The Importance of Vapor Bubbles Features Marie Edmonds
Poster 12:00 04:59 S010-0014 – Stress Drops of Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Microseismicity in the Horn River Basin: Challenges at High Frequencies Recorded by Borehole Geophones Features Max Werner
Poster 12:00 04:59 S011-0014 – Contaminated High-Frequency Data in Borehole Geophones from Induced Seismicity in the UK Features Max Werner and Brian Baptie
Poster 12:00 04:59 Episodic Ground Deformation Associated with Fluid Extraction for Geothermal Energy Production, in Costa Rica. Cristina Araya, Juliet Biggs
Talk 13:30 13:40 T013-01 – Geological constraints on the mechanisms of slow earthquakes (Invited) Features Ake Fagerang
Wednesday 9th December
Type of session Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers
Poster 13:40 18:00 V13D-0193 – Velocity and Strain in the Afar Rift from Sentinel-1 InSAR Chris Moore
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004-0033 – A Robust Methodology For Inter-comparison Of Sentinel-1 InSAR Products Zahra Sadeghi
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004-0003 – Detecting and Modelling Shallow Continental Earthquakes by InSAR Time Series Analysis: A Case Study in Iran Fei Liu
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004-0028 – Phase Bias in short-interval interferograms: characteristics and mitigation strategies Yasser Maghsoudi
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004-0035 – The LiCSAR automated InSAR data processing system: Latest Developments and Future Prospects Milan Lazecky
Poster 12:00 04:59 T018-0017 – Global Systematics of Copper in Arc Magmas Using a Big Data Approach Nick Barber
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004-0004 – Geodetic Catalogue of Earthquake Deformation: the LiCSAR Earthquake Data Provider John Elliott
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004-0016 – Sustained Long-lived Volcanic Subsidence at Timanfaya, Lanzarote, from InSAR Time Series Victoria Purcell
Talk 18:55 19:00 NH017-05 – Time-Dependent Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis by Coupling a Space-Time Earthquake Interaction Model with Stochastic Sources Max Werner first named delivered by Ario Muhammad
Talk 00:30 00:34 S015-08 – Probabilistic Forecasting of Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Seismicity Using an Injection-Rate Driven ETAS Model Simone Mancini
Talk 03:04 03:08 EP015-02 – Extraction of River Planforms from Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery using Generalised Gamma Superpixel Classification Features Nantheera Anantrasirichai
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004-0034 – Comparison of InSAR time series generation techniques as part of the collaborative GeoSciFramework research project Features Krisztina Kelevitz
Talk 15:04 15:08 T019-02 – Thermal models of subduction zones revisited Iris Van Zelst
Talk 18:42 18:46 DI009-04 – Modelling splay fault rupture and tsunamis with self-consistent initial conditions from a geodynamic seismic cycle model of subduction (Invited) Iris Van Zelst – invited
Talk 01:58 2.02 EP014-09 – Asynchronous strath terrace formation in a collisional mountain belt Features Sarah Boulton
Poster 12:00 04:59 T017-0005 – Initial Ambient Noise Tomography above a region of Slow-Slip, Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand Features Ake Fagerang
Poster 12:00 04:59 DI005-0018 – Probabilistic inversion of shear-wave splitting for D” anisotropy Features Mike Kendall
Talk 00:26 00:30 S015-07 – How should we react to induced seismicity? Accounting for natural uncertainty within traffic light systems Features Andy Nowacki
Poster 12:00 04:59 G004 – 0036 Towards global volcano monitoring using Sentinel-1 data and the LiCSAlert algorithm Matthew Gaddes
Thursday 10th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Author/Speaker
Talk 14:10 14:25 V23C-03 – Analysis of explosive deposits from the June 2018 eruption of Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala from Synthetic Aperture Radar Amplitude Edna W. Dualeh
Poster 12:00 04:59 V021-0004 – Reconciling observations of volcanic deformation and degassing from basaltic volcanoes Stanley Yip
Poster 12:00 04:59 S027-0006 – Exploring Variability in a Global Compilation of Aseismic Afterslip Estimates Robbie Churchill
Poster 12:00 04:59 V021-0001 – Insights into sub-surface magmatic processes from analysis of satellite volcanic plume imagery Mike Burton
Talk 19:00 19:03 C032-11 – UKANET: Logistical Challenges and Preliminary Results from a Geodetic Network Recording Crustal Deformation in Antarctica Features Peter Clarke
Poster 12:00 04:59 S031-0010 – Influence of Fluid Flow and Alteration on the Seismic Style of Oceanic Transform Faults Features Ake Fagerang
Talk 14:06 14:10 T028-10 – Insights into incipient rifting in thick lithosphere from a GNSS survey of the southern Malawi Rift Luke Wedmore
Poster 12:00 04:59 DI012-0010 – Seismic Attenuation at the Equatorial Mid-Atlantic ridge Constrained by Surface wave analysis from the PI-LAB experiment Features Mike Kendall
Talk 18:42 18:46 V024-04 – Dissecting a Zombie: Shallow Volcanic Structure Revealed by Multiple Geophysical Data Sets at Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia Features Mike Kendall
Poster 12:00 04:59 Deciphering water from molten rock: Insights into Uturuncu volcano, Bolivia, using seismic velocity and attenuation tomography Features Mike Kendall
Poster 12:00 04:59 V021-0014 – Investigating the Causes of Unrest at Aluto Volcano, Central Main Ethiopian Rift, with Probabilistic Seismic Imaging Andy Nowacki
Poster 12:00 04:59 EP029-0008 – Examining single-grain luminescence dating uncertainties between upstream fans and downstream sediment deposits in the seismically active southern California Features Ed Rhodes
Friday 11th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers
Talk 18:50 18:54 V030-36 – Using TanDEM-X Satellite Interferometry for Measuring Pyroclastic Flow Processes: Bulking and Run-out During the 2018 Eruption of Fuego Volcano, Guatemala Fabien Albino
Talk 18:58 19:02 V030-08 – Extremely Fast Retrieval of Volcanic SO2 Layer Heights from UV Satellite Data Using Inverse Learning Machines Features Don Graniger and Isabelle Taylor
Poster 12:00 04:59 V028-0007 – Volcano deformation monitoring using a Sequential Monte Carlo approach, applied to the 2020 unrest episode at Reykjanes, Iceland. Daniel Juncu
Poster 12:00 04:59 V028-0010 – Back Trajectory Modeling Applied to TROPOMI SO2 Observations from Whakaari/White Island, New Zealand Cat Hayer
Talk 18:52 18:56 T036-06 – On Relations Between Fault Zone Heterogeneity, Strength, and Fault Slip Style Ake Fagerang
Talk 03:08 03:12 V026-03 – Unveiling changing eruptive style after sector collapses in basaltic, arc stratovolcanoes: Examples from the eastern Pacific Features Margherita Polacci
Monday 14th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers
Poster 12:00 04:59 V034 – 0005 – The relationships between large tectonic earthquakes and explosive volcanic eruptions Alex Jenkins and Juliet Biggs
Poster 12:00 04:59 T040-0015 – Interplay between subduction megathrust seismicity and long-term stress state Features Ake Fagerang
Talk 15:40 15:42 NH029-07 – Transient impacts of extreme events on landslide spatial distributions: implications for landslide susceptibility modelling Features Sarah Boulton
Tuesday 15th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers
Talk 03:36 03:39 G017-13 – Horizontal and vertical velocity fields for Central South Island, New Zealand, from Sentinel-1 InSAR Timeseries Jack McGrath
Talk 15:20 15:24 G018-06 – Tectonic strain rates across the central Alpine-Himalayan Belt from Sentinel-1 InSAR and GNSS observations, and implications for seismic hazard Chris Rollins
Talk 00:13 00:16 V037-04 – The Gas Factory: segregated exsolved volatiles derived from unerupted magmas fuel arc eruptions and persistent degassing (Invited) Marie Edmonds (Invited)
Talk 15:08 15:12 G018-03 – Interseismic Strain Accumulation On The Main Recent Fault (Iran) From Sentinel-1 Data Andrew Watson
Talk 15:24 15:28 G018-07 – The improvement to high-resolution maps of interseismic strain accumulation from incorporating Sentinel-1 along-track measurements Andy Hooper
Talk 23:00 23:15 Deciphering crust, mantle, and slab controls on arc magma compositions: A case study from Central Chile, SVZ (33–46˚S) Features Tamsin Mather, David Pyle
Poster 12:00 04:59 PP041-0009 – Glacial and Holocene Middle East Stalagmite Proxies Interpreted Using GCM Simulations and Karst Environment Numerical Modeling Features Richard Walker
Talk 12:10 12:14 S051-03 – A little data goes a long way: automating phase arrival picking at Nabro volcano, Eritrea, using transfer learning and a limited seismic catalog Features Max Werner and Mike Kendall
Talk 18:30 18:45 Magma kinetics of crystal-rich systems: a microstructure perspective Features Brendan McCormick Kilbride
Wednesday 16th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers
Talk 18:03 18:06 G023-02 – Detecting Ground Deformation in the Built Environment using Sparse Satellite InSAR data with a Convolutional Neural Network Nantheera Anantrasirichai
Poster 12:00 04:59 S060-0012 – The Controls on Earthquake Ground Motion in Foreland-Basin Settings: The Effects of Basin and Source Geometry Aisling O’Kane
Talk 05:10 05:15 NH036-08 – UK Space Agency’s METEOR project: Making the case for Earth Observation (EO) data for insurance in developing countries Features John Rees and Colm Jordan
Poster 12:00 04:59 G021-0007A time-series InSAR study of faulting and folding in the Tajik Basin Roberta Wilkinson
Talk 18:15 18:18 G023-06 – 10-year global evaluation of tropospheric noise corrections derived from routinely leveraged weather models Features Richard Walters and Zhenhong Li
Talk 03:06 03:09 IN040-03 – PyCSEP: An Open-Source Toolkit for Evaluating Earthquake Forecast Models Features Max Werner
Poster 12:00 04:59 NH039-0008 – Incorporating geologic and geodetic data into probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of infrequent large magnitude earthquakes: insights from southern Malawi Features Max Werner, Juliet Biggs, Ake Fagerang and Luke Wedmore
Talk 18:20 18:25 T056-05 – Comparison of Ground-based and Space-based Surface Rupture Mapping of the May 15, 2020 M6.5 Monte Cristo Range Earthquake, Nevada Features Ian Pierce
Poster 12:00 04:59 T053-0017 – Blueschist facies deformation mechanisms, rheology, and fault slip styles: preliminary observations on an exhumed subduction complex (Ishigaki-jima, SW Japan) Features Ake Fagerang
Poster 12:00 04:59 T053-0009 – Slip partitioning and fluid pressure in a heterogeneous plate interface at seismogenic depths: an example from the Gwna Complex, Anglesey, UK Features Ake Fagerang
Talk 12:12 12:16 T052-04 – Metamorphic Controls on Brittle Fracturing in Ductile Shear Zones along the Subduction Interface – Perspectives from the Rock-Record and Phase Equilibrium Models Features Ake Fagerang
Talk 18:40 18:45 T056-09 – Earthquake clustering controlled by shear zone interaction: insights from cosmogenic dating and stress interactions for normal faults in central Italy (Invited) Zoe Mildon
Talk 18:15 18:20 T056-04 – Mid-Holocene Slip Rate of the Central Garlock Fault from the Summit Range East Site: Implications for Spatiotemporal Variations in Slip Rate and Fault Interactions in Southern California Features Ed Rhodes
Thursday 17th December
Session Type Start Time End Time Session Title Speakers
Talk 03:12 03:16 G024-04 – A high-resolution crustal velocity field for the Alpine-Himalayan Seismic Belt from Sentinel-1 InSAR and GNSS Tim Wright
Talk 12:08 12:12 MR028-03 – High stress amplifications in seismogenic continental lower crust from field and microstructural indicators (Invited) Features Ake Fagerang