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This interactive map provides links to EU Copernicus Sentinel-1 InSAR products available for download from COMET-LiCS. Interferograms and coherence maps have been produced automatically using the LiCSAR processor, which builds on the Gamma SAR and Interferometry software. Interferograms have been processed in overlapping “frames” defined within COMET-LiCS. Products are represented on this map by shapes that match these frames. The colour of each frame represents how many interferograms are available for that frame. Selecting a frame on the map to obtain details about the frame ID and how many files exist, and to link to the downloadable data products.

All Sentinel-1 results that are available for download are Derived Works of Copernicus data (2015-2016), subject to the following use conditions: "Terms and conditions for the use and distribution of sentinel data and service information".

The map's links to data will always have the latest processed results, however the colour scale and file number counts are only periodically updated, representing the data that has been processed within COMET-LiCS using the JASMIN-CEMS processing and storage facility at CEDA. New interferograms should be available within 2 weeks of acquisition. The initial focus is on the Alpine-Himalayan tectonic belt, but we are working on processing the complete archive for tectonic and volcanic areas globally.


This work is funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council through the Centre for the Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics (COMET), the “Looking inside the Continents from Space” large grant (NE/K011006/1), and the “Earthquakes without Frontiers” consortium (NE/J01978X/1).

Please cite the following publication if you use data from this service:

González, PJ; Walters, RJ; Hatton, EL; Spaans, K; McDougall, A; Hooper, AJ; Wright, TJ, LiCSAR: Tools for automated generation of Sentinel-1 frame interferograms, AGU Fall Meeting, 2016

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