Topographic datasets

East Helanshan Fault, northern China

China Fault

This dataset contains a 100 km long section of the East Helanshan Fault on the western side of the Yinchuan Graben in northern China. This fault was the site of the devastating 1739 Yinchuan earthquake.

Surface fault scarps are visible in the point cloud for much of the fault length. The point cloud data were constructed via photogrammetric methods from data acquired by Airbus Defence and Space (Pleiades 1A) and funded by NERC.


2010 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake, Mexico


The point cloud covers an approximately 45 km long section of the epicentral area of the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake in Mexico. Vertical displacements were determined by differencing the Pleiades topography and the pre-earthquake LiDAR DEM. For further details see: Zhou, Y., B. Parsons, J. R. Elliott, I. Barisin, and R. T. Walker (2015), Assessing the ability of Pleiades stereo imagery to determine height changes in earthquakes: A case study for the El Mayor-Cucapah epicentral area, J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth, 120, 8793–8808, doi:10.1002/2015JB012358.

These datasets are hosted by OpenTopography.

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