Earthquakes & eruptions

This page lists our work on recent earthquakes and eruptions across the globe.  You can read more about each event below by clicking on the title, and find details of older events in our earthquakes and eruptions archives.


14 February 2023: How and why does COMET respond to earthquakes? 

6 February 2023: Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes

16-31 October/15 December 2019: Mindanao, Philippines Earthquakes

15 November 2016: Kaikoura, New Zealand Earthquake

24 August/27 and 30 October 2016: Apennines Earthquakes 

25 April/12 May 2015: Nepal Earthquakes

24 August 2014: Napa Valley Earthquake, California



Credit: A. Schmidt
15 December 2015: Mount Etna, Sicily
22 April 2015: Volcán Calbuco, Chile (ongoing)
23 November 2014: Pico do Fogo, Cape Verde Islands