COMET PhD Opportunities

University of Cambridge

Earthquakes, mountain building, and the tectonic evolution of the Earth’s continents (Lead Supervisor: Alex Copley, Earth Sciences)

University of Newcastle

Earth observation for rapid response to large earthquakes and induced landslides (Zhenhong Li, Richard Walters, Alexander Densmore, Peter Clarke)

Investigating landslide hazards and potential impacts on dam safety using multi-platform SAR imagery and hydrodynamic model (Zhenhong Li, Francesca Cigna, Qiuhua Liang)

Robust Inversion for Earthquake Mechanisms from Geodetic Surface Displacements (Ref IAP-17-114) (Peter Clarke, Richard Walters, Zhenhong Li)

University of Oxford

Project EARTH-16-BP1: Probing the mechanical properties of fault zones with satellite radar (Barry Parsons, Richard Walker, John Elliott)

Project-EARTH-18-REJ2: Magmatic volatiles: the behaviour of noble gases and halogens in subduction-related volcanic systems (Tamsin Mather, Chris Ballentine, Ray Burgess, Rosie Jones)

Project EARTH-17-TM1: Understanding the volcanism of the Tasmantid seamount chain (Tamsin Mather, David Pyle, Lara Kalnins, Benjamin Cohen)

Project EARTH-16-RW1: Developing a long-term record of landscape evolution in NE Iran, with implications for climate and tectonics (Richard Walker, Stacy Carolin, Dylan Rood)

Project EARTH-16-RW2: Field-based and remote-sensing studies of active tectonics and earthquakes in Asia (Richard Walker, Barry Parsons, John Elliott, Austin Elliott)

Project EARTH-16-RW3: Crustal strain and seismic hazard in Northern China (Richard Walker, Barry Parsons, John Elliott, Austin Elliott)

University of Durham

Active Tectonics of the Apennines, Central Italy(Ken McCaffrey, Zhenhong Li, Richard Walters)

Investigation of Earthquake Nucleation and Precursors, from Laboratory and Satellite Observations  (Richard Walters, Stefan Nielsen, Nicola de Paola, Peter Clarke)

University of Edinburgh

Fault distributions and seismic hazard in evolving normal fault networks(Lara Kalnins, Richard Walters, Ian Main)