COMET PhD Opportunities

  • University of Bristol/COMET/BGS

Unravelling the Geological Controls on Shallow Fault Mechanics
Supervisory team:  Sam Wimpenny (Bristol), Juliet Biggs (Bristol),  Ake Fagereng (Cardiff), Ekbal Hussain (BGS)
Closing date: Open until post filled

  • University of Bristol

The UK’s tsunami risk from earthquakes, submarine landslides and volcano flank collapses: from model scenarios to risk mitigation
Supervisory team: Max Werner, Neil Gunn, James Dalziel, Brian Baptie, Jeff Neal
Closing date: Not fixed, but funding application deadlines will usually be between January and March.

  • University of Leeds

Lava-ignited wildfires dynamics and emissions
Supervisory team: Evgenia Ilyinskaya (Leeds), Hugh Tuffen (Lancaster), Jim McQuaid (Leeds)

  • University of Manchester/COMET

Joint analysis of volcanic degassing and deformation time series to understand transitions in unrest
Supervisory team: Brendan McCormick Kilbride (Manchester),  Mike Burton (Manchester),  Benjamin Esse (Manchester),  Susi Ebmeier (Leeds)
Closing date: Friday 12th April, 2024

  • University of Oxford/COMET/BGS

Onset behaviour of volcanic eruption plumes
Supervisory Team: David Pyle (Oxford), Tamsin Mather (Oxford),  Don Grainger (Oxford),  Isabelle Taylor (Oxford), Samantha Engwell (BGS), Jeremy Phillips (Bristol), Thomas Aubry (Exeter)
Closing date: Open until post filled

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