COMET PhD Opportunities

British Geological Survey (BGS)

What drives fault interaction and earthquake hazard in western Turkey? (Based at Plymouth: Zoë Mildon, Sarah Boulton, Ekbal Hussain) Closing date for applications: 12 noon on 30 April 2020

University of Leeds

Combining magma flow models and deformation measurements to understand magma ascent at silicic volcanoes (Main supervisor Prof Jurgen Neuberg)

Measuring and Modelling Transient Behaviour on Continental Faults (Main supervisor Prof Tim Wright)

Using high resolution SAR imagery for volcano monitoring in SE Asia (Main supervisor Dr Susanna Ebmeier)

Surface Deformation and Slope Instabilities in Deglaciating Mountain Environments (Main supervisor Dr John Elliott)

The inner workings of the earthquake cycle: New insight from integrating geophysical observations and microstructures (Main supervisor Dr Laura Gregory)

Seismicity, fault rheology, and fault evolution across Africa (Main supervisor Dr Tim Craig)

Improving the accuracy of displacement measurements and earthquake hazard maps from radar interferometry (Main supervisor Prof Andy Hooper)

University of Bristol

Advancing earthquake forecasting with better physical models and machine learning (Main supervisor Dr Maximilian Werner)

Linking precursory volcano deformation to eruptive activity using satellite InSAR (Main supervisor Prof Juliet Biggs)

University of Cambridge

Earthquakes, mountain building, and the tectonic evolution of the Earth’s continents (Lead Supervisor: Alex Copley, Earth Sciences)

Unlocking the secrets of lithium in volcanic systems (Lead Supervisor: Marie Edmonds, Earth Sciences

Metal outgassing from Ambrym and Yasur volcanoes, Vanuatu (Lead Supervisor: Marie Edmonds, Earth Sciences)

Magma mixing and mingling in basaltic volcanic systems (Lead Supervisor: Marie Edmonds, Earth Sciences)

Diffuse degassing of magmatic carbon dioxide from the Askja region of Iceland (Lead Supervisor: Marie Edmonds, Earth Sciences)

University of Oxford

Sniffing out global volcanic fingerprints using mercury in Quaternary sedimentary records (Prof Tamsin Mather, Prof Stuart A. Robinson, Prof David Pyle)

Diagnosing pre-eruption processes at a mafic volcano in southern Chile (Prof David Pyle, Prof Tamsin Mather, Dr Alvaro Amigo)

Magmatic volatiles: the behaviour of noble gases and halogens in subduction-related volcanic systems (Tamsin Mather, Chris Ballentine, Ray Burgess, Rosie Jones)