All COMET members are listed below:

COMET Directorate

Tim Wright (Leeds) – COMET Director

Juliet Biggs (Bristol) – Deputy Director (Volcanoes) – Currently on leave 

Alex Copley (Cambridge) – Deputy Director (Earthquakes and Tectonics)

Susanna Ebmeier (Leeds) – Interim Deputy Director (Volcanoes)

Marek Ziebart (UCL) – Deputy Director (Earth Observation)

Luke Bateson (BGS)

Sue Loughlin (BGS)

Suzanne Banks (Leeds) – COMET Finance Administrator

Charlotte Royle (Leeds) – COMET Manager

Lucy Sharpson (Leeds) – COMET Research Administrator

COMET Scientists

As well as contributing to our objectives and partnerships through co-funded projects, COMET scientists play a key role in internal review and forward planning for the COMET science programme.

Brian Baptie (BGS)

Mike Burton (Manchester)

Timothy Craig (Leeds)

Melanie Jane Duncan (BGS)

Susanna Ebmeier (Leeds)

Marie Edmonds (Cambridge)

John Elliott (Leeds)

Samantha Engwell (BGS)

Pablo Gonzalez (Liverpool)

Don Grainger (Oxford)

Laura Gregory (Leeds)

Jessica Hawthorne (Oxford)

Andy Hooper (Leeds)

Ekbal Hussain (BGS)

James Jackson (Cambridge)

David Kerridge (BGS)

Tamsin Mather (Oxford)

Ilaria Mosca (BGS)

Jurgen (Locko) Neuberg (Leeds)

Alessandro Novellino (BGS)

David Pyle (Oxford)

Susanne Sargeant (BGS)

Richard Walker (Oxford)

Matthew Watson (Bristol)

Max Werner (Bristol)

COMET Research Staff

COMET Research Staff are partially-funded by COMET to work on the COMET National Capability science programme.

Pui Anantrasirichai (Bristol)

Matthew Gaddes (Leeds)

Tamarah King (Oxford)

Milan Lazecky (Leeds)

Yasser Maghsoudi Mehrani (Leeds)

Qi Ou (Oxford)

Isabelle Taylor (Oxford)

Scott Watson (Leeds)

COMET Postdoctoral Researchers

COMET Postdoctoral Researchers usually work closely with or are supervised by COMET Scientists.

Ruth Amey (Leeds)

Simon Daout (Oxford)

Cat Hayer (Manchester)

Hui Huang (Oxford)

Krisztina Kelevitz (Leeds)

Camila Novoa Lizama (Leeds)

Simone Mancini (BGS)

Ian Pierce (Oxford)

Zahra Sadeghi (Leeds)

Lin Shen (Leeds)

Iris van Zelst (Leeds)

Luke Wedmore (Bristol)

Chen Yu (Newcastle)

COMET Emeritus

Barry Parsons (Oxford)

Geoff Wadge (Reading)

Philip England (Oxford)

Greg Houseman (Leeds)

COMET Associates

COMET Associate Scientists are collaborators who are engaged with our science programme; this includes postdoctoral researchers with independent research fellowships who are based in COMET research teams. Associates are not funded by COMET, but are invited to annual science meetings (and other meetings as appropriate), included in internal communications, and encouraged to collaborate and engage with other COMET members for mutual benefit.

Philip Benson (Portsmouth)

Lidong Bie (University of East Anglia)

Sarah Boulton (Plymouth)

Peter Clarke (Newcastle)

Ake Fagereng (Cardiff)

David Ferguson (Leeds)

Matt Fox (UCL)

James Hickey (Exeter)

Anna Hicks (BGS)

Evgenia Ilyinskaya (Leeds)

Chris Jackson (Manchester)

Mike Kendall (Oxford)

Craig Magee (Leeds)

Brendan McCormick Kilbride (Manchester)

Zhenhong Li (Newcastle)

Andrew McGonigle (Sheffield)

Zoe Mildon (Plymouth)

Andy Nowacki (Leeds)

Camilla Penney (Cambridge)

Tom Pering (Sheffield)

Margherita Polacci (Manchester)

Ed Rhodes (Sheffield)

Chris Rollins (Leeds)

Dylan Rood (Imperial)

Anja Schmidt (Cambridge)

Margarita Segou (BGS)

Charlotte Vye-Brown (BGS)

Tom Wilkes (Sheffield)

Sam Wimpenny (Cambridge)

Annie Winson (BGS)

COMET Research Students

All COMET students receive supervision from COMET members. While a few studentships are funded directly by COMET, most of the students within the COMET community are externally funded.

You can find a list of current COMET research students here.