Observations of Deformation

Volcano number:312170
Country:United States
Geodetic measurements?Yes
Deformation observation?No
Measurement method(s):InSAR
Duration of observation:1995 - 2000
Characteristics of deformation:

InSAR observations are not coherent enough to recognise any recent deformation that might have occurred at this volcano.

Reference(s):Lu, Z., and Dzurisin, D., 2014, InSAR imaging of Aleutian volcanoes: Chichester, UK, Springer-Praxis, 390 p.
U.S. Geological Survey Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) website
Location:58.28, -154.963
REST API endpoint (JSON):https://comet.nerc.ac.uk/wp-json/volcanodb/v1/volcano/770

Latest Sentinel-1 Data

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