Our research

COMET is aiming to significantly improve the understanding of tectonic and volcanic processes and the hazard they present.  We have three overarching aims for 2014-2019:

  • to measure tectonic strain with unprecedented resolution for the entire planet;
  • to measure deformation and gas release at every active volcano; and
  • to combine these data sets with ground-based observations to build new models of these hazardous processes that can be used to mitigate risk.

You can read about some of our recent research highlights below, find out more about our broader aims, our research impact, or read about our work on specific earthquakes and eruptions.

Hooper highlight thumbnail

Rifting event in Iceland observed in exquisite detail

 JE Napa

Earthquake monitoring gets boost from a new satellite

RW highlight diagram

Iran flows in response to Arabian push

Zhou highight 1

Pleiades and changes in topography at El Mayor-Cucapah, Mexico


The 2014-2015 eruption at Fogo volcano

SE highlight 2

Volcanic aerosols affect cloud properties

EC highlight 2

The vertical distribution of volcanic SO2  

Centre for Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics