COMET PhD Opportunities

University of Bristol

Monitoring and understanding volcanic processes with InSAR (Juliet Biggs, Sue Loughin)

Postseismic deformation and earthquake triggering (Max Werner, Juliet Biggs, Ake Fagereng)

Physics-based forecasting of earthquake sequences (Margarita Segou (BGS), Max Werner)

University of Cambridge

E304: Ice and fire: feedbacks between glaciation, volcanism and climate (Marie Edmonds, Joanne Johnson, Oliver Shorttle, John Smellie)

E314: The sulfur burden of large basaltic eruptions (Marie Edmonds, John Maclennan)

E327: New insights into the earthquake cycle and the geological evolution of the continents (Alex Copley, James Jackson)

E329: Post-seismic deformation and the rheology of the crust and upper mantle (David Al-Attar, Alex Copley)

E336: A new understanding of the dynamics of continental deformation (Jerome Neufeld, Alex Copley)

E338: Using petrology to inform modelling of volcano deformation (Marie Edmonds, Alex Copley)

E339: Kilauea Volcano’s high fountaining eruptions: the story from the crystals (Marie Edmonds, John Maclennan)

E340: Outgassing of metals by volcanoes (Marie Edmonds, Tamsin Mather)

University of Leeds

Tracking and measuring volcanic plumes using drones (Evgenia Ilyinskaya, Tjarda Roberts, Melissa Pfeffer, Barbara Brooks, Anja Schmidt)

What controlled the magmatic plumbing systems of spreading centres in Afar? (Tim Wright, Andy Hooper, Juliet Biggs)

Using seismic and tilt measurements to forecast eruptions of silicic volcanoes (Jurgen Neuberg & Mark Thomas)

Reconciling discrepancies between long- and short-term rates of tectonic deformation (Laura Gregory, Tim Wright, Richard Walters, Gregory Houseman)

Magmatic volatile contents and storage time-scales for rift-related volcanism in Ethiopia (David Ferguson, Dan Morgan, Marie Edmonds, Tyrone Rooney, Gezahegn Yirgu)

University of Newcastle

Earth observation for rapid response to large earthquakes and induced landslides (Zhenhong Li, Richard Walters, Alexander Densmore, Peter Clarke)

Investigating landslide hazards and potential impacts on dam safety using multi-platform SAR imagery and hydrodynamic model (Zhenhong Li, Francesca Cigna, Qiuhua Liang)

University of Oxford

Project EARTH-16-BP1: Probing the mechanical properties of fault zones with satellite radar (Barry Parsons, Richard Walker, John Elliott)

Project EARTH-15-TM1: Understanding the volcanism of the Tasmantid seamount chain (Tamsin Mather, David Pyle, Lara Kalnins, Ben Cohen)

Project EARTH-15-TM3: The importance and impacts of magmatic volatiles: the behaviour of noble gases and halogens in magmatic systems (Tamsin Mather, Chris Ballentine, David Pyle, Ray Burgess)

Project EARTH-15-TM4: Understanding volcanism in rift settings: The frequency and magnitude of large explosive eruptions in the Main Ethiopian Rift (Tamsin Mather, David Pyle, Karen Fontijn, Victoria Smith)

Project EARTH-16-RW1: Developing a long-term record of landscape evolution in NE Iran, with implications for climate and tectonics (Richard Walker, Stacy Carolin, Dylan Rood)

Project EARTH-16-RW2: Field-based and remote-sensing studies of active tectonics and earthquakes in Asia (Richard Walker, Barry Parsons, John Elliott, Austin Elliott)

Project EARTH-16-RW3: Crustal strain and seismic hazard in Northern China (Richard Walker, Barry Parsons, John Elliott, Austin Elliott)

University of Reading

Measuring the pulse of Bagana volcano (Geoff Wadge, Julia Crummy)

University of Liverpool

Ultra-high-resolution models of fast changing topography: application to basaltic lava flows (P.J. Gonzalez, S. De Angelis)

Testing dyke ascent models by mapping crustal deformation in volcanic terrains (Janine Kavanagh, Pablo J. Gonzalez, D. Dennis)

Accretion of the continental crust: from real-time observations to mechanical and analogue models of magma body growth (P.J. Gonzalez, J. Kavanagh)